• “Game Changer” in environmental protection – Bitcoin evolution promotes the use of DLT

    Blockchain technology could become a game changer in environmental protection. This is the result of the latest study by the Swiss World Economic Forum. While major legal and technological challenges remain, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) have “crucial” potential to make a difference in saving the planet. For the future, however, more decisive commitment from governments, developers and investors is needed. … Keep reading
  • BTC Price Analysis KW05 – Quo vadis, Upward Channel?

    Since last week the Bitcoin is in a slight upward channel, which is currently being tested at 8,932.69 Euro. The Bitcoin price has risen slightly this week The price went into a slight upward channel, which however is currently developing into a sideways movement and whose support is being tested. The most important support is 8,720.82 Euro, the most important … Keep reading