eBay actively considering Bitcoin evolution integration

Donahoe Bitcoin EbayJohn Donahoe, Managing Director of eBay, told his shareholders at this year’s Annual General Meeting in San Jose, California, that they were actively considering integrating Bitcoin via Paypal. In response to a shareholder’s question about Bitcoin’s role in the global economy, Donahoe replied that digital currencies “will play a very important role in the future,” said eCommerce Bytes.

When Donahoe announced that he could not quite imagine how technology could become a public attraction, he said in the same breath that eBay was considering a direct integration of digital currencies: “How the integration will look exactly and how we can get the most out of it by interacting with PaypPal is something we are actively considering. We have it on the radar screen.”

Open attitude towards Bitcoin evolution

This was not the first time Donahoe has expressed interest in Bitcoin evolution. Last year there was already talk of a possible Bitcoin integration. Nevertheless, the current statement is more promising than last year’s. In 2013 Donahoe said that they “might think about” integrating the Bitcoin evolution and that the company is looking at the Bitcoin:

“I’ve been looking at it for a while and it’s really fascinating. The way the technology is designed and the “inflation” to pay the miners is really fascinating.

Interestingly, Donahoe spoke on behalf of the company at this year’s Annual General Meeting and not, as in 2013, of his personal opinion. It remains to be seen when and how Bitcoin will tackle the matter in the future.

Donahoe is not alone in providing Bitcoin support. PayPal President David Marcus has also admitted to being a big fan of digital currencies and he could imagine that Bitcoin will one day be included in the portfolio.

Active Engagement in the Bitcoin evolution

Even though eBay has not yet introduced Bitcoin evolution as an official means of payment, there are some activities on the eBay site regarding Bitcoin evolution digital currencies.

In April, the company introduced a separate “Virtual Currencies” category. In this category, users can trade digital currencies or buy and sell mining hardware and mining contracts.

It is also noteworthy that the company did not advertise the new category in any big way, but rather developed it further in the background.

According to a patent filed in December 2011, eBay is developing a payment system based on digital currencies. The Bitcoin and other digital currencies could become part of the payment system. In addition, eBay is working on a digital wallet to store various digital currencies.

“Game Changer” in environmental protection – Bitcoin evolution promotes the use of DLT

Blockchain technology could become a game changer in environmental protection. This is the result of the latest study by the Swiss World Economic Forum. While major legal and technological challenges remain, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) have “crucial” potential to make a difference in saving the planet. For the future, however, more decisive commitment from governments, developers and investors is needed. With the latest recommendations, the blockchain could play a greater role, especially in the climate protection debates at the upcoming annual summit in Davos.

Blockchain for a better planet – the latest study by the World Economic Forum, published last week by the Swiss in cooperation with the consulting firm PwC and the Environmental Institute of Stanford University, bears no less title.

The name says it all. Climate change, species protection, the preservation of the oceans, air and water safety and the threat of natural disasters – these are the challenges facing humanity at the World Economic Forum.

In the report published on Friday, 14 September, the Foundation, known for the World Economic Summit in Davos, is now showing a variety of solutions for how blockchain technology could tackle these groundbreaking problems.

This is how the Geneva-based foundation emphasizes the Bitcoin evolution:

While the challenges [in environmental protection] are urgent and extraordinary [great], they also fall into an era of unprecedented innovation, technological progress and global networking – the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ like this: Is Bitcoin Evolution a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First.

The fact that Bitcoin evolution blockchain technology in particular will be able to provide answers and solutions in the future is demonstrated by the Swiss using 65 application examples. These are intended to highlight how the management of resources, sustainable growth and value creation can be achieved with the help of the blockchain.

Blockchain as Game Changer

In this context, the Foundation is bringing eight “game changers” into play – areas in which fundamental change is just around the corner. While the report addresses already familiar models such as the monitoring of supply chains or the monitoring of resources such as tree stands or water bodies, the Geneva report also highlights applications that have received little attention so far. One of the Foundation’s key areas, for example, is the possible transformation of the carbon certificate market.

“Blockchain platforms could be used to use cryptographic tokens […] to optimise already existing trading platforms for carbon [emissions] or other substances and to create new opportunities for trading certificates.

This plays an important role in the international handling of the climate change engine CO2.

Hurdles for more blockchain commitment
At the same time, the report calls for action. Despite promising forecasts, a large number of areas of application are still unaffected by developers, governments and investors.

A particular reason for such a stronger debate would lie above all in the challenges that still stand in the way of blockchain use. The people of Geneva write, for example, that the contribution that blockchain solutions could make would be “considerable”. Nevertheless, the technology is still at an early stage with many hurdles that need to be overcome.

States and international institutions, for example, must create legal clarity worldwide and thus lay the foundation for broader application. But industry is also called upon to do its part. Above all, industry must regulate itself and develop common standards.

BTC Price Analysis KW05 – Quo vadis, Upward Channel?

Since last week the Bitcoin is in a slight upward channel, which is currently being tested at 8,932.69 Euro.

The Bitcoin price has risen slightly this week

The price went into a slight upward channel, which however is currently developing into a sideways movement and whose support is being tested. The most important support is 8,720.82 Euro, the most important short-term resistance 9,403.00 Euro. The good thing first of all: The downward-channel shown in the last week (pale blue drawn) was breached. It was replaced by a slight upward channel, which is now being tested after a failed test of the resistance described by the EMA50 (marked light blue). The week was very quiet for crypto ratios and the Bitcoin price oscillated around 8,800 Euro +/-10%.

Last week the EMA20 from the weekly chart was mentioned as an important support: This support line has not been undercut since October 2015, in order to have a measure for the health of the Bitcoin in current times, so a look at this is worthwhile. In the chart, the EMA840 is inserted in pale green to have a corresponding indicator in the four-hour chart that roughly corresponds to the EMA20 on the 1W chart. As you can see, there is still some eerie silence; the price has not moved far from this line – but it has not fallen below it for a long time either.

The MACD (second panel from above) is just below zero, as is the MACD line (blue) below the signal (orange).

The RSI is at 44 and is therefore slightly bearish

Overall, the situation is therefore neutral to bearish according to price, trend and indicators. It is currently important to keep an eye on how the price behaves when testing the uptrend channel.

The most important support therefore corresponds to the 23.6% Fib retracement level (with regard to the price fall between January 20 and 23) of 8,720.82 Euros. This support is also only slightly above the mentioned EMA840. For traders who want to go long in the hope of a continuation of the upward channel, this support offers itself as a stop loss. Should the price fall under this support, the next important support would be at the weekly minimum, which is currently 8,111.00 Euro. A fall to this level would not only be unsatisfactory regarding the mentioned EMA840, but would also mean a re-entry into the old downward channel.

The most important resistance is described by the 50% Fib retracement level at 9,403.00 Euros. Breaking through this would raise the price above the EMA50 again and level the price towards a further resistance at the 78.6% Fib Retracement pattern, which is at 10,142.02 Euros. With a rise to this price level, the price would also have risen above the EMA100 again, which would argue for a longer-term upward trend.