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How to choose a biomass pellet mill?

“I want to open a biomass pellet fuel farm with a daily output of about 50 tons. What kind of biomass pellet mill machine is better and how much is the biomass pellet mill and biomass pellet production line?” One customer asked.

1. How to choose a biomass pellet mill?

Two minutes to teach you how to choose a biomass pellets making machine.

Biomass pellet fuel is mainly made from agricultural and forestry waste resources. After the biomass pellet fuel is processed by the biomass fuel pellet machine, there are generally two shapes of pellets with a diameter of 8mm or a block with a diameter of 33mm.

If classified according to the type of raw materials, the common ones are peanut shell pellets, straw pellets, sawdust pellets, sawdust pellets, rice husk pellets, etc.

RICHI Machinery is a industrial group mainly specialized in the biomass pellet mill for sale, and also covers some other strategic businesses such as animal feed machinery, organic fertilizer pellet machine, parts and components and so on.

Biomass pellet mill machine market is mainly dominated by pellet machines in Henan and Shandong. According to different configurations of production capacity, including quality and price, according to the standard production capacity of about 50 tons per day, we calculate based on 8-10 hours of work per day, we will produce 5-6 tons of biomass fuel pellets in one hour, 1.5-1 per hour The 2-ton biomass pellet mill is recommended to be constructed according to the biomass pellet production line configuration of 4 biomass pellet machines for sale.

The investment cost of medium-quality biomass pellet mill is about 10,000-100,000USD. If it’s expensive, you’ll need millions.

It is recommended not to buy the most expensive or the cheapest one. You can buy some reliable and moderate equipment from the biomass pellet mill manufacturer. We need to recommend it to you according to your needs until you are satisfied.

If you have any questions after purchasing the biomass pellet mill, you can contact our customer service directly. Richi Machinery will reply to you as soon as possible. If you want to know more, please give us a call.

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2. Biomass pellets vs coal

It is still a common practice for factories to use boilers for production. This type of boiler equipment needs fuel to operate, and the fuel that can meet the needs of equipment operation, the market mainly provides two options, one is traditional coal fuel, the second is It is pellet fuel processed by biomass fuel pellets. After testing by biomass fuel pellet manufacturers, the two fuels are significantly different, which will have very different effects on the party who uses the fuel.

(1)Burning speed and time

The combustion speed of pellet fuel made by biomass pellet mill mainly depends on the volatile content of the fuel, and the combustion time is closely related to the density. After the test of biomass fuel pellet manufacturers, traditional coal cannot compare with pellet fuel in these two factors. Therefore, pellet fuel is clearly better than coal in terms of the direct requirement of using boilers.

(2)Availability of Burning Ashes

After the coal is burned, the remaining ash does not actually have any effect, but will pollute the surrounding environment, but the pellet fuel made by biomass pellet mill is different. It will cause damage to the environment and can become an organic potash fertilizer.

(3)The corrosiveness of fuel

According to the test, coal itself is quite corrosive, so if the fuel is used for a long time, the boiler will inevitably form more wear and tear. The advantage of pellet fuel made by biomass pellet mill is that it does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, which can help the operation of the boiler at the same time. Boiler has a negative impact.

In general, after the above test results, biomass fuel pellet manufacturers believe that pellets are the fuel that persists and can bring positive effects to users, and the country also actively calls on factories that use boilers to use pellet fuels instead of coal.

2. Biomass fuel pellet machine for waste crops

The biomass pellet mill can properly process waste wood chips and straws into biomass fuel. The biomass fuel has low ash, sulfur and nitrogen content. Indirect substitution of coal, oil, electricity, natural gas and other energy sources.

It is foreseeable that this environmentally friendly biomass pellet machine can effectively treat the remaining waste crops such as waste sawdust and straw, and also produce non-polluting new energy. my country’s atmospheric governance has played a very important role in environmental protection.

biomass pellet mill is mainly aimed at waste wood chips and straw, and these two types of materials are also the most produced in our country and are in urgent need of treatment, construction waste, domestic waste, and the furniture industry will produce a large amount of waste wood at all times. If these waste wood are directly discarded, it will pollute the environment and waste renewable resources.

There is also straw. A large amount of straw is produced every autumn. In the past, ordinary people directly burned the straw, which not only wastes resources, but also greatly pollutes the environment.

The disposal of crop straw is also a problem that the country and local governments have been concerned about. In this case, a device that can process wood chips and straws and turn waste into treasure is particularly important, and the importance of biomass pellet mill at this time is revealed.

Founded in 1995, Richi Machinery has been developing steadily and steadily in the field of pellet processing and biomass pellet mill for sale.

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