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Wood pellet mill for sale & ancillary equipment

Wood pellet mill for sale is a new type of equipment for producing biomass pellets. Today, when energy is increasingly scarce and the environment is deteriorating, straw sawdust pellets have become a substitute for coal, oil and natural gas.

The complete set of biomass wood pellet mill for sale can make rice husks, sunflower seed husks, peanut shells and other melon and fruit shells; branches, tree stems, bark and other wood scraps; various crop straws; rubber, cement, ash residue The materials and wastes are extruded and formed into combustible pellets.

The vertical ring die wood pellet mill for sale produced by Richi Machinery has the characteristics of unique design, reasonable structure and long service life. This product is suitable for pressing materials that are difficult to bond and form. Processing plants, fuel plants, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, etc., are ideal compression and densification molding equipment with small investment, quick effect, and no risk.

1. Features of wood pellet mill for sale:

(1) Energy saving, the company realizes fully automatic feeding, and adopts frequency conversion to control the conveyor and feeding screw, so that the main engine motor is in an ideal working state, which not only protects the motor but also makes full use of the motor power.

(2) The wear rate is low, the pressure roller is forged from alloy steel, and the high temperature carburizing treatment after finishing, the hardness can reach 60HCR, and the service life is longer. (Related post: wood pellet mill for sale)

(3) The material of the wood pellet machine has strong adaptability. After years of sales experience of our company, the mechanical coordination and mold compression ratio are adjusted according to different materials of customers, so that the product is more suitable for user needs.

(4) The mold has a long service life. The mold of the wood pellet mill for sale is made of special stainless steel by forging, finishing, heat treatment and fine grinding. Due to the special mechanical properties of stainless steel, the mold is smoother and more wear-resistant.

(5) The maintenance is simple and convenient. The automatic circuit control system is adopted, and the grease is automatically added at regular intervals to avoid the cumbersome manual operation and improper maintenance, and make the bearing more durable.

2. Auxiliary equipment of wood pellet mill for sale

In the production of wood pellets, the equipment that can be used with the wood pellet mill includes:

(1) Wood Sawdust Crusher

Sawdust pulverizer is an ideal mechanical equipment for producing wood chips and edible fungus base materials. It can process wood, branches and other raw materials into wood chips at one time. It has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefits, and maintenance Convenience and other advantages, it is a special equipment for the development of edible fungi production or for the production of particleboard, sawdust board and high-density board raw materials. This equipment is used in the front section of the wood pellet mill for sale.

Scope of application of sawdust shredder:

This wood crusher machine can process all kinds of wood, wood scraps, branches and forks, wood chips, board edging, bark, bamboo and bamboo bark into sawdust and wood chip products at one time, and the finished products can be directly used for shiitake, mushroom, fungus It can also be used for the production of raw materials for particleboard, sawdust board and high-density board. (Related post: fuel pellet plant)

(2) Chipper

Drum wood chipper is a special equipment for producing high-quality wood chips. It is mainly used for wood chip production in wood pellet mill plant, paper mills, particleboard factories and fiberboard factories. It can cut logs into high-quality wood chips with uniform size and thickness, and can also cut branches, forks, plates, etc. raw materials. The products are widely used by domestic and foreign users with the characteristics of stable performance, reliable quality and high cost performance.

The drum chipper can cut logs, branches, slats, bamboo and other materials into wood chips of certain specifications. The equipment has advanced structure, uniform size and thickness of finished products, stable use and convenient maintenance. It is composed of seat, knife roller, feeding roller, feeding conveying, hydraulic system, and discharging conveying.

Among them, the machine base is welded with high-strength steel plate, which plays the main role of supporting and increasing the mechanical strength; the two blades on the knife roller are fixed on the knife roller by the pressing block and the pressing bolt; the feed roller assembly according to the size and diameter of the feed, it can float up and down within a certain range with the help of the hydraulic system; the cut qualified sheets fall through the mesh screen holes and are transported out by the bottom conveyor belt; at the same time, the hydraulic system can also be used for equipment maintenance, replacement of accessories, etc. This equipment is used in the front section of the wood pellet mill for sale.

(3) Wood splitter

The wood splitter is an important auxiliary equipment in the wood chip processing industry, and there are two series of vertical and horizontal. Its function is to use the hydraulic working principle to split tree stumps, large tree branches, large log segments and hard wood to meet the requirements of the chipper feeding size, or to split the raw materials into materials for other purposes. The hydraulic cylinder stroke varies in length according to the actual use of the customer. The nominal pressure is 30 tons, 35 tons, and 50 tons.

     The wood splitter is an important material preparation machine in the wood pellet mill plant, paper industry, man-made board industry, wood pulp processing and other industries. , It has the characteristics of high pressure, time saving, labor saving, reasonable structure, strong and durable, high output, easy operation and more safety. This equipment is used in the front section of the wood pelletizer machine.

(4) Template crusher

  The building formwork crusher is a wood crushing equipment developed by our company. It has been continuously innovated and improved for many years. It is currently the fifth generation product. For a long time, our company has continuously communicated and understood with customers, and absorbed the actual use experience and problems of customers. (Related post: biomass wood pellet plant in Indonesia)

So that the stability of the feeding system of the equipment has been continuously improved; the structure of the crushing cutter head is more reasonable; the discharge is increased by magnetic separation. This equipment is used in the front section of the wood pellet making machine.

The equipment itself can crush steel bars and iron nails below Φ10 and iron sheets and steel plates below δ3mm, eliminating the time-consuming and laborious trouble of manual selection.

At the same time, the structure of the crushing system of the template crusher produced by our company is more stable and reasonable, and the maintenance of the drum chipper and other equipment is cumbersome and the trouble of frequent replacement of accessories. The discharge magnetic separation device adopts a powerful permanent magnet to remove iron, which has no power consumption, and the iron removal can reach more than 90%.

At the same time, the pallet crusher machine has a compact structure and is easy to install, and the feeding port reaches 300×1300mm, which can directly crush waste wood boards, building templates, wooden pallets, and logs below Φ400.

(5) Dryer

The dryer is a kind of drying equipment developed and produced by our company for wood processing equipment. It is mainly used for drying sawdust, wood chips and other light specific gravity materials. The material is fully mixed with the hot air when passing through the pipeline, and is drawn out by the fan.

Due to the large contact area between the material and the hot air driven by the fan, the drying efficiency is greatly increased. Since the entire drying process of the airflow dryer is carried out in the pipeline, each time the material passes through a bend, it will enter a buffer zone with a larger diameter, so that the material stays longer and the drying is more sufficient. This equipment is used in the front section of the wood pellet mill for sale.

Compared with the tumble dryer, the airflow dryer can be assembled in a straight line or zigzag. Since the drying process is carried out in the pipeline, even if it is only half the volume of the tumble dryer, the effective drying distance is the same as that of the tumble dryer. More than twice as long as the dryer.

Of course, the air dryer is not as good as the tumble dryer for materials with large specific gravity (such as stones) and materials that are easy to harden (such as chicken manure, river sand). The price is low, the drying speed is fast, and the airflow dryer is more suitable than the tumble dryer with a diameter of more than ten meters and one meter.

(6) Peeling machine

The debarker is a series of log processing products, mainly composed of a feeding mechanism, a discharging mechanism, a knife roller, a transmission system, a chassis and other parts. It can also complete the peeling treatment of some frozen and dried materials. It is widely used for peeling wood such as poplar, cypress, paulownia, eucalyptus, oak, and elm. This equipment is used in the front section of the wood pellet mill for sale.

The peeling machine breaks the shortcomings of the traditional drum-type wood peeling machine, which has to be stopped for discharging and feeding.

The veneer outlet and the wood outlet are separated to realize continuous work, and the whole process from feeding → peeling → wood output → re-feeding → re-peeling → wood output is continuous, and the flow operation is realized. Relative to different wood species, the peeling effect can be adjusted, and the wood can be peeled on the machine for different lengths, bends, and wetness. The single-machine trough peeling machine can peel 35-50 tons of logs a day, which greatly saves manpower.

Features of wood peeling machine:

 ①Using an open silo, which can be fed from one end and discharged from the other end, overcomes the shortcomings of the existing drum peeling machine for feeding, discharging, and segmented work, and has high work efficiency.

 ②Due to the impact of the teeth on the wood segment, the wood segment not only makes a circular motion in the casing, but also rotates around itself, so the peeling efficiency is high, and the tree species that are difficult to peel such as eucalyptus poplar have a better peeling rate

 ③The peeling machine has strong adaptability to wood, and can peel wood segments of different tree species, diameters, lengths and shapes. Because the wood segments perform rotary motion and irregular beating, the concave part of the curved wood segment can also be very similar to the peeling teeth. Nice touch. Therefore, the stripping rate for curved logs is much higher than other drum types.

 ④Because the huge casing is fixed, so the energy consumption is low, the failure rate is low, the maintenance workload is small, and the vibration and noise are much lower than that of the drum peeling machine. Easy to install and use.

(7) Belt conveyor

Compared with ordinary belt conveyors, belt conveyors are more suitable for conveying loose and light-weight materials, such as wood chips, shavings, grain, etc. This device is used to connect other equipment and wood pellet mill for sale.

Compared with the frame belt conveying, the trough conveying has sufficient depth of the trough, and the light specific gravity material can be conveyed faster, and it is not suitable for spilling.

At the same time, the feeding trough of the trough belt conveyor can be customized according to customer requirements such as depth, length, width and other technical requirements, and can also be fully enclosed to reduce dust pollution during equipment operation.

(8) Bucket elevator

Bucket elevators are mainly aimed at the vertical conveying of granular materials and powdered materials. Compared with belt conveyors, due to the vertical conveying method, they have more advantages than belt conveyors in terms of conveying height and floor space.

Our company mainly produces three types of bucket elevators: 160, 250, and 350. We can customize various heights (up and down 3 meters), materials (carbon steel, stainless steel), transmission methods (chains, tapes) and hoppers according to customer needs. Material (plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel). This device is used to connect other equipment and wood pellet mill for sale.

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