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How to set up wood pellets production line?

It is well known that biomass sawdust particle fuel is a new type of combustion particle, which is also very convenient to use. Although we all know that it mainly uses sawdust as raw material, how is it made?

Biomass wood pellet fuel is made of compacted sawdust and other waste wood, which is cylindrical, usually 6-10mm in diameter and 10-30mm in length. Biowood particle fuel is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly fuels because it hardly produces carbon dioxide when burning.

wood pellets production line

Many friends will ask what equipment is needed to build a wood pellet production line. Here, RICHI Machinery, as a manufacturer of wood pellet production equipment, will tell you something about it. Before you choose the equipment, you must first know what the process of producing wood pellets is like.

The first step is raw material storage. The raw material of biomass sawdust pellet fuel is mainly sawdust. To ensure the normal and continuous production of fuel, it is necessary to ensure the raw material demand for at least 15 days of production. Therefore, about 500-600 tons of raw materials need to be stacked.

Next is screening. The raw materials are transported to the screening machine through the auger conveyor for screening, and large wood blocks or nails and other sundries are put forward.

Thirdly, biomass wood pellet fuel has strict requirements on the water content of raw materials. After screening, the raw materials are transported to the drum dryer by the auger conveyor for drying by hot air.

The fourth step is granulation. The wood pellet machine is the key equipment of the production line. The equipment can be used for sawdust, corn straw, soybean straw, cotton straw, peanut shell and other different raw materials, and the density of sawdust combustion particles processed can reach 1.0-1.3t/m³.

The fifth step is cooling. The temperature of the sawdust pellet fuel produced is as high as 80-90℃, and the structure is relatively loose and easy to break. It is required to pass through the counterflow cooling system, and can be bagged into the warehouse or sent into the silo through the belt conveyor and elevator after being cooled to the normal temperature. This set of devices is equipped with a cooling fan and a cyclone separator, which can return the separated powder to the previous process for re-granulation.

The last step is screening. The cooled wood pellets fuel is screened with a vibrating screener. It is necessary to screen out the scraps to ensure the quality of wood pellets. The screened crushed materials are returned to the previous process for re-granulation.

At present, the demand for alternative energy is growing with the increase in expenditure reduction and environmental protection requirements. In this case, wood pellets are one of the most popular fuels. Compared with oil, natural gas or coal, wood duel pellets are relatively cheap and environmentally friendly. Therefore, some investors began to develop their own wood pellets businesses. However, most of them face some problems. The main problem is what equipment is needed to build a wood pellet production line.

First of all, you need to know that the complete set of wood pellet production lines is not only biomass production equipment, but also different pre-treatment equipment according to the type and humidity of raw materials. For example, if the raw material is a twig, it needs a grinder to crush it into wood chips of less than 5mm; For another example, if the raw material is sawdust, there is no need to smash or crush it.

Next, look at the moisture content of raw materials, that is, humidity. If the moisture content of raw material is 15% – 20%, it can directly enter the granulation machine. If it is greater than 20%, it must be dried to 15-20% with a dryer before granulation.

Finally, the design is arranged according to the specific requirements of customers. For example, the degree of automation, hoping to save manual labor, requires automatic cooling, automatic packaging, and automatic feeding.

In a word, the whole set of equipment of the wood pellet production line is not a fixed mode and can be customized according to different customer needs.

Woos pellet fuel refers to the drying of wood by-products or sawdust generated after wood processing after cutting mountains and forests, and then it is made into particles after pressure molding and cooling treatment for combustion, fireplace heating, etc. It is an environment-friendly commercial fuel that can replace various chemical fuels. In North America, Europe and other developed countries have been widely used.

The issue of energy and environmental protection has always been the focus of the world. Biomass energy can not only supplement the shortage of conventional energy, but also have significant environmental benefits, so it naturally becomes one of the key directions of energy development in various countries.

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